How much should we spend on a gift?

by Carrie Paxson February 15, 2016

How much should we spend on a gift?

Sometimes we shop by theme (holidays and occasions) and other times, we shop based on the amount we are willing to spend on a particular person, at a specific time in our life. 

Even though giving a mindful gift is not about price, a price range is important based on where we are at in our monthly budget when we need to purchase a gift, and also the person who we are giving the gift to.

For example:

I am willing to spend more on a birthday gift than a thank you gift.  Both are important, but a birthday gift is once a year, and a thank you gift is a token of appreciation that some women send throughout the year.

  • If it is an office holiday gift exchange, or a family gift exchange where we draw names, there is usually a budget associated with it.
  • If a number of colleagues are pitching in for a bridal shower or wedding shower gift, the budget may be higher than an individual purchasing the same gift
  • If you are purchasing an occassion gift for a new friend or business associate, you may want to be less extravagant than a close friend or family member.


In reality, any BeautyGram, or Build Your own BeautyGram Gift Box can be turned into any occasion of gift, but the spend, as shown in the above can vary dependent on the gift.

In light of this, we have added a new Sub Menu that is a four-column Mega Menu, that breaks down all of our BeautyGrams by Price. Under the shop menu, you will see all of our BeautyGrams broken down by price categories.  We also added the link to the Build Your Own BeautyGram feature under each category for easy access.

I hope this navigation upgrade makes your browsing experience easier.


Carrie Paxson
Carrie Paxson


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