Partner Highlight: Adoniaa Beauty

Partner Highlight:  Adoniaa Beauty

Yes, Adoniaa and BeautyGram are in kahoots!  I have been carrying this amazing product for approximately one year with excellent response!  We have these liquid lipsticks in a few of our BeautyGram gift boxes (Jet Setter Pamper Package and Blossom BeautyGram), and they are extremely well received! The most popular seller is the color Bae, even though all colors do very well in our packages.

So why Adoniaa?  I met Adedoyin at the Calgary Women Show, where she approached me and introduced herself and her product.  I loved her person and her energy right away.  We booked an appointment shortly after that, so I could learn more about her product line and more about her.

I need to say that my first exposure to Liquid Lipstick was at this meeting with Adedoyin in her home.  Call me a rookie, but I knew that was my product of choice to try this brand, when I saw how this product "stays put".  It stays on your lips, not on your coffee cup.  She helped me pick a selection of colors to start out and started building them into a few of my packages.

We got to know each other, and so much impressed me about her.  She is an educated and well traveled woman, who held a technical professional career as an engineer.  She had a passion burning in her for the beauty business, and was taking courses to learn the beauty business while working.  Learn more about Adedoyin's journey on her About page on her website.

When she moved to Canada and started Adoniaa, she already had a lot of education under her belt on the beauty business, as well had extensive experience working on many different skin tones and types of the many nationalities she worked with.  

When she launched Adoniaa, it was important to her to find a Canadian manufacturer which of course we LOVE to hear.  It is in our values to support Canadian entrepreneurs which makes this a very appealing partnership.

Everything about Adedoyin's story makes me smile, and she is one of the sweetest women with such a likable personality and so much passion for what she does. We proudly support her by carrying her product in our BeautyGrams, and are discussing more collaborations in 2017. SPOILER ALERT:  we are chatting about a Compassion Package for to assist women going through treatments with some products from Adoniaa. 

Below are the colors we currently carry in liquid lipsticks in our Jet Setter Pamper Package and our Blossom Beautygram

Adoniaa carries many more colors, so please check out her brand at while we build our collection.


Liquid lipsticks for me personally took a little bit of getting use to, compared to applying a tube of lipstick.  They do come with a lip gloss type applicator, and for me, required a little bit of direction.  Adedoyin was kind enough to do this tutorial for us to share with our clients.


Thank you Adedoyin for being such a beautiful soul, and such an amazing Calgary entrepreneur.  We are so proud of our partnership with you.

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  • Carrie Paxson
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