Do you know someone under the weather?

Do you know someone under the weather?

While the winter months are notorious for illnesses and colds that seem never ending, we have all had friends or family members that have ended up under the weather at various times of the year. It’s difficult to hear that they aren’t feeling well, and helping our loved ones through an illness is something we all want to do. Here are a few ways to offer your help, support or just let them know that you are thinking about them.

Bring them food

No matter what you bring - soup, something for the freezer, or fresh fruit and veggies -  food is the language of love. If you aren’t able to drop off some food, you can always send them a gift card or arrange a meal delivery service. Chicken noodle soup, or a broth based soup, is great for those dealing with colds and stomach bugs.

Pick something specific to help with

When we say ‘please let me know how I can help’, we really do mean it, but often our offer isn’t taken up because for people who are aren’t feeling well, decision making can seem daunting and too much to handle. They just want to sleep and feel better. If your friend has a bad cough, drop off tea, honey and cough drops that may help. Or specifically ask them what they need rather than leaving it as an open ended question. “Would it be helpful if I picked up your mail for you?” or “Do you need someone to get the kids from school today?” Asking them a question that only involves a yes or no answer may be easier for them.

Send them a care package

The BeautyGram Under the Weather gift was designed to help loved ones near and far when they aren’t feeling well and you want to let them know you are thinking of them.  Send someone this BeautyGram to show them you want to help take care of them (even if you aren’t in the same city) and to help them recover. The Under the Weather BeautyGram includes 10 items to help with a speedy recovery, including anti-nausea lolly pops, tea, tissues, foot soak and more.

No matter how you decide to try to pamper and take care of your loved one when they are not feeling well, the thought won’t go unnoticed even if they can’t show it between sneezes and sniffles.

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  • Carrie Paxson
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