Gifts for Administrative Professionals’ Day

Gifts for Administrative Professionals’ Day

Celebrate Administrative Professionals’ Day on April 25 by saying ‘thank you’ with a BeautyGram!

For many years, BeautyGram has been proud to put together customized gifts for offices, staff and workers across the country and in Calgary in recognition of their hard work and dedication to so many causes.

We have thoughtful BeautyGram gift boxes ready to go or you can create your own BeautyGram and customize the gift completely.

April 25 is the perfect time to say thanks to those who help build and run your business and office environment.

Here are three BeautyGram options for your Administrative Professionals’ Day gifts that everyone will love:

Chocolate Gift Box

We have a variety of chocolate gift box sizes to choose from on our website, but the Medium Chocolate Gift box strikes the perfect note of appreciation. Included are some signature Froggers Chocolate treats: One box of sesame snaps (6 medium size), one BeautyGram Signature milk chocolate dipped Oreo, one box of 10 chocolate covered soft jube jubes and one box of 10 chocolate covered vanilla caramels. This gift is one they don’t have to share with the entire office.

The Coffee and Tea Corporate Gift Box

 Work deadlines can be hectic and on busy days it can be near impossible to stop for a coffee break or take a few moments to drink a hot cup of tea before moving on to the next task.  Why not help encourage those moments with our Coffee and Tea Corporate Gift box. This gift has local ground coffee, three mini boxes of tea and a Froggers Chocolate treat.

The Everyday Beautygram

Filled with products from Canadian (and local) suppliers, this is simple luxury at it’s finest. Included in this BeautyGram is a moisturizing hand lotion from Barefoot Venus, soap from Urban Forest, Tea Life tea with a tea infuser, a Lucia soy candle and Froggers chocolate. No matter how stressful the workday was, this gift will ensure some time for calm and relaxation when the day is done.

Recognizing the important people in your business and office on April 25 for Administrative Professionals’ Day doesn’t have to be complicated. We can help. Order online or contact us for more information about having your BeautyGram delivered.




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  • Carrie Paxson
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