Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

The best part of Valentine's Day for me, is seeing how much genuine love is out there through the messages people write to each other on Valentine's Day on the BeautyGram gift baskets and beauty boxes.  I see beautiful messages between friends, moms and daughters, coworkers, husbands and wives, and boyfriends and girlfriends.

My husband is away for Valentine's Day this year working, but I am fortunate that I can honestly say every day with this man is like Valentine's Day for me.  He is the sweetest, funniest and most chivalrous man I have ever met.  I am proud (and relieved!) to call him my husband.  

Below is one of the custom made BeautyGram gift boxes that was built using the Build a BeautyGram section of the website.  I think he did an amazing job building this custom gift package for his girlfriend.  Kudos to him, and lucky her!  <3   Thanks for trusting me with your Valentine's Day gift!


Suppliers chosen for this gift included:  

  • Froggers Chocolate
  • Barefoot Venus
  • Lucia Candles
  • All Things Jill 


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  • Carrie Paxson
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