Harvest Hills Hub in Calgary fundraising for an improved green space

Harvest Hills Hub in Calgary fundraising for an improved green space

I grew up in Thunder Bay, Ontario and my childhood memories are flooded with a playground in walking distance from my home.  Myself, and many neighborhood kids use to play tag, red rover, hopscotch, and play on some of the limited playground equipment there, and also use to play on some of the statues, boulders, and other "things" that just happened to be on the land of that greenspace.  Even though Hillcrest Park is a landmark in Thunder Bay as a whole, to the children of that area, we didn't necessarily roam the grounds of Hillcrest Park.  There was one "corner" that had a slide, some monkey bars, some grass, sand and boulders, and THAT was our meeting spot.  I am 47 years old, and make it back to Thunder Bay every few years, usually for a wedding or a funeral.  However, even now, when I go "home, I always make a point to drive by that place.  As I am listening to the same radio station I listened to when I lived there (CKPR-FM) silently acknowledge my childhood home, my best friend's home, the corner store that we use to buy penny candies from, the land where my public school was, and of course that plot of land at Hillcrest Park where we use to play.

Fast forward to 2017, Sarah, a BeautyGram client sent me an email at the beginning of the summer, sharing that her a small group of volunteers are working with Parks Foundation Calgary and the City of Calgary to improve the green space in our community.


She is volunteering as a fundraising coordinator and will be hosting multiple events in our community to raise the remaining funds required to move forward with the construction in the spring / summer of 2018.  This collaboration with Parks Foundation, the city, and with local businesses is an important part of the success of this project.  My mind quickly went back to my last trip home (which was October 2016) and taking some photos of Hillcrest Park, tagging some of those childhood friends with photos on facebook to relive some of those memories.

These memories of fun, glee, innocence and play are cherished and remembered, because back then, our worlds are rich, but very small.  We cannot drive to where we want to go, so we frequent those places close and accessible to us.  These greenspaces and parks are important. Kids need a place to play, and even better if it is cared for, loved, nurtured and used by the community.

This is important work in my opinion that is being run by community members in the best interest of their children.  Sarah shared with me that they are so excited to be hosting multiple events in the community of Harvest Hills to raise the remaining funds required to move forward with the construction in the spring / summer of 2018.

These events include a pub night at the Canadian Brewhouse on October 21 as well as an online silent auction that will run from October 20- November 7. They expect 150 people at our pub night.

They hope to reach not only their our community members, but other Calgarians with our online silent auction through social and conventional media.

 As these events materialize, I look forward to sharing them with you, and encourage you to participate should you see something that you.  Their events will be listed on their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HarvestHillsHub.  If you click LIKE you will have the opportunity to see the progresison of those events in your facebook feed, and hopefully participate if any of their fundraising is of interest to you.

Thank you Sarah for allowing us to be a part of the your fundraising efforts.  I hope the BeautyGram fetches some well deserved funds for this community project.



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  • Carrie Paxson
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  • Victoria

    Carrie, thank you for the kind word and your beautiful imagery! Our community hubs (both formal and informal) are so important and really do help us form those earliest and strongest bonds to the place and people that surround us! We are so ecstatic about this project and grateful for the warm embrace we have received from the community in meeting our goals! Thank you so much for your generous donation for our auction and for bringing awareness to our goal! We hope to build the kind of place that one day causes a reflection as sweet as yours!
    Thank you!

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