Review of LipSense Lip Color stays put! It's @SoLippy

by Carrie Paxson February 21, 2017

Review of LipSense Lip Color stays put!  It's @SoLippy

Holly Vaughan and I met online.  Yep! It's true. She is a lovely lady who follows the BeautyGram facebook page.  I noticed her activity on my facebook page but really got to know her a bit better (online) through our Galentine's Day contest.  That interaction started a dialogue, and then she told me about her product line that she represented called LipSense by SeneGence.  

After a bit of back and forth and some research, it looks like LipSense is best known for staying put.  This lip solution claims to not smear, smudge or transfer onto your cups and glasses.

Without question, lipsticks and lip stains that stay on your lips are slowly replacing standard lipsticks in my own makeup bag (more like a makeup suitcase!),  I carry Adoniaa's Liquid Lipstick in the BeautyGram and certainly have it in my personal bag as well.  However, I also have other brands and colors that I enjoy as well.

As a big fan of lip stains and liquid lipsticks, I was excited to try LipSense and to talk about it in an effort to support Holly and to let the world know what my experience was of LipSense

So, lets talk results!  Let me explain the four photos below:

Here is my morning with LipSense:

Photo #1 in the top left is me, in my "Joker" robe, no makeup or lipstick, standing in my bathroom at home, getting ready to go into the office to my "day job"

Photo #2 on the right, is the instructions and the three tubes that encompass the LipSense solution.  There is the color itself, a gloss that can overlay the color, and a color remover.  I followed the instructions on the sheet, and put on two coats of the color, while letting them dry in between.  As the instructions indicated, it did sting a little bit.  It suggested it can stinkg if your lips are chapped or have any damage.  You can see clearly from photo #1 that my lips aren't that smooth right now.  Typical February... Once the two coats dried after 30 seconds, I put on the layer of clear gloss to make them shiny.  The gloss felt really nice and smooth, not sticky.

Photo 3:  Still in my Joker Robe, that is the photo of my LipSense ritual completed.  Then, to test the limits, I brushed my teeth.  Got dressed, finished my makeup and went to work.  I got to the office and proceeded to have a few more cups of coffee while in a meeting.  

Photo 4:  You can tell I am at the office because of the flourescent lights in the last photo.  This photo was before lunch.  I still had color (wow) and even a bit of lipgloss left. Let me remind you back to Photo 3.  This was after brushing my teeth, half a days work over a few cups of coffee.

Bottom line, if you are a lipstick girl and have not moved over to liquid lipsticks and lip stains, I highly recommend that you give them a try.  I use various brands myself, and now introduced to LipSense, this will also be a part of my valued Liquid Lipstick collection.  I like the brand, and I certainly like dealing with Holly as well.  If you would like to learn more about LipSense, I encourage you to follow Holly's Facebook page.

Carrie Paxson
Carrie Paxson


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