Looking back on 2017: thank you for an amazing year

Looking back on 2017: thank you for an amazing year

A look back on 2017 with BeautyGram

2017 to me can best be described as a transformational year.  Truly, I experienced transformation on every level of both my person, and my business life, and BeautyGram was no exception.  Like many people who have followed BeautyGram, I was a raving fan and customer for years.  I still to this day feel a tremendous amount of gratitude that I found a way to purchase this company when it was for sale.  It resonated with me in so many ways as someone who loves to show gratitude, and I love to surprise, spoil and appreciate the people that I love with gift boxes, traditional gift baskets and gift baskets.

Since the acquisition of BeautyGram, I so fortunate, daily, to be reminded of how much good there is the world, through all of you.  I see your messages on the gift baskets that express your love, gratitude and appreciation to your employees, clients, friends and family.  I see your hearts, and your caring through your words.  And I feel your appreciation through your testimonials when we helped you deliver your mindful gift in a meaningful way.  And I also feel your love through your feedback, when you share with us what we could do better, or what is missing, so that we can continually improve and evolve.  For all of that, and so much more, I am grateful to each and every person for their part in BeautyGram. Even those who have never made a purchase, but cheer us on through social media from your tweets, hearts, likes, comments and shares.  All of you play a part for us.

Dearest Maegan

Maegan HawkesAs I reflect on 2017, I am amazed at how much happened in this little business.  Most of my BeautyGram moments fill me with excitement all over again when I reflect on them.  And a few moments, I I have had to release with love.  Specifically, dear Maegan, who has been my right hand in BeautyGram and Carrie’s Closet for 2.5 years.  Some of you may have met her at your door, and others may recognize her through my social media feeds.  Maegan has been in my life for almost 20 years.  Her mom is a dear friend of mine, so I had the pleasure of meeting her as teenager and watched her blossom into a woman of strength, who has morphed from Laura’s daughter into my friend and confident.   In 2013, she started working with me on contract as a photographer for my other web business, Carrie’s Closet and as time went on, helped me set up the warehouse on 38 Avenue NE when I moved into it from my Edmonton Trail pop up shop.  As time went on, she helped with fulfillment on both companies during peak times with fulfilment of online orders, and then more on a regular schedule.  Even though it was always a casual employment arrangement, it was a working relationship that I cherished and respected.  Maegan worked casual employment with other businesses as well, and in November, locked down regular business hours with one company.  With integrity, she helped me transition with as much time as I needed to get my ducks in a row and is now soaring in her new role.  As much as her presence is missed in our NE warehouse, she is a friend for life, and always welcome back.  Best of luck Maegan!  You will be missed, but never forgotten by our suppliers, clients and especially me.


BeautyGram gift box unboxing clients pink gift baskets Our clients are like-minded people, who understand the joy of mindful gift boxes, with high quality local products in a variety of price ranges.  Thank you to all of our customers who have supported us through your likes, tweets, shares, comments and purchases.  Without you, there would be no BeautyGram.  A business needs customer to survive, and needs raving fans to thrive.  We are fortunate to have both.  Through 2017, Alberta’s economy continued to recover, which created an influx of customers who haven’t made a purchase since 2014/2015.  Thank you for coming back, and giving us a chance to serve you with our beautiful gift baskets and gift boxes.  Also, 2017 saw a large influx of new clients and repeat clients.  All the way around, 2017 was a transformational year.  The other increase was in custom gift baskets. This is where customers contact us with a specific budget in mind, and a specific buyer in mind, and ask for our help to create a gift basket or gift box in their budget.  These custom baskets came in a myriad of forms.  In some cases, it was a realtor with 50 clients, and a certain budget per person that needed a mindful gift that could be sent to a male or a female client.  In other cases, it was a baby basket that was a collaborate effort, and they needed a $400 gift basket for a baby boy, with no muslin blankets (mama has a tonne), the family is vegan, and they want gifts for both the baby and the mama.  So as you can see, the requests are varied, and #yeswedothat.  Thank you so much for trusting us with your clients, employees, friends and family.


Suppliers in the gift baskets at BeautyGram Gift Box vendorsIn 2017, we were in a better position to incorporate some of the feedback we received from customers in 2016 with certain types of baskets they wanted to see made available.  We offboarded some baskets that were not selling, and added some new baskets that were submitted as ideas from existing and future clients and believe me, there is more to come in 2017.  In order to create that variety in our gift baskets, we onboarded Drizzle Honey, Stretch Creation (lava bead jewelry with essential oil, which is on trend right now), SockNSack for more mens products, and Gourmet Distributor for food and high end candy.  Those are some the new suppliers that we have onboarded this year.  We also increased our product lines with Kismet Essentials, Adoniaa, All Things Jill, Barefoot Venus and Buff Headwear.  We have also replenished Kutula Kiss and Cake Beauty.  All of these lines give us more flexibility to serve you better with more combinations of products, and also, to give us the ability to replace any product lines that have discontinued.

Charitable Contribution

Charitable donationsI am proud to tell you that we donated in excess of 100 BeautyGrams last year.  For those of you who received a BeautyGram for your event, it has been our pleasure to serve you. For those of you that we missed, I do sincerely apologise.  The volume of requests have gone up 10 fold and we are doing what we can to get to as many requests as we can.  Please don’t give up on us.  Keep asking.  We will do our best to fulfill as many as we can. 

With Gratitude

Mom and IThere is so much to be thankful for as I reflect on my experiences in 2017.  My husband has been my rock, and biggest cheerleader through this journey and believe me, owning a small business through the last two years has been a learning curve and an adjustment for every small business owner.  I also am thankful for my mom who came out both in June and November to help me in peak times in all my online businesses.  Thanks mama for being such an angel and working so hard.  Also, all of those who have stepped forward to help with deliveries, packing baskets, referrals, sales and social media shares.  All of your efforts have been adding up to the growth of this small company, and for that I am forever grateful to you.  Every client and supplier who has touched this business, known that you were selected with love to be a part of this gift package, and our goal is to grow this company, to help your small business thrive with our regular purchases from you.  One. Big. Love. Circle.  And of course, our clients. Without your support, there is no BeautyGram.  That is the truth.  You are BeautyGram.

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  • Dana Goldstein
    Dana Goldstein

    Congrats on your success, Carrie. I am thrilled we connected and I have been able to follow the Beautygram story. Xo

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