Partner highlight: Adoniaa Unmask Your Beauty Video Series

Partner highlight:  Adoniaa Unmask Your Beauty Video Series

It is so easy to stand behind these high quality beauty products in our BeautyGram gift boxes, when authentic, powerful, Calgary entrepreneurs like Adedoyin Omalichanwa Omotara is at the helm of Adoniaa.

I was at the Adoniaa launch last year and was inspired by Adedoyin's story, and also enjoyed Lisa Gareau's (Candy Event Consulting's) flawless execution of the launch of Adoniaa. I also for the second time got to see the incredible Ehi Ade-Mabo speak, as she was emceeing the event. She was engaging and inspiring as always. What a night!

As you can see, Adodoyin has a greater vision to help women. She also recognized that she wanted to do more to build her vision into the brand, which led to a rebranding exercise and the (soon to be) launch of of her video series. She comments in this video clip that she wanted to "express the empowered message that women wanted to be associated with", which led to renaming products from the current lipstick colors to names such as Bold, Authentic, Audacious and names that will make women feel empowered.

She also shared that she is going to be launching a video series to talk about different ways to be your best self. To show up, as your best self.

Adedoyin has done just that. And not only that, she has done it with beauty, love and grace. The strength in her conviction is loving, kind and genuine.

BeautyGram carries Liquid lipsticks in a few of our BeautyGrams, such as the Jet Setter Pamper Package and our Blossom BeautyGram.  We are currently collaborating together on another BeautyGram that we will discuss soon (ssshhhh). :)  If you wish to see her complete offering of products, please go to www.adoniaa.com

I look forward to this video series!  Congratulations Adedoyin!

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  • Carrie Paxson
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