Partner Highlight: Stretch Creations with essential oil diffuser bracelets and necklaces

by Bold Apps March 28, 2017

Partner Highlight: Stretch Creations with essential oil diffuser bracelets and necklaces

Jennifer Bazylinski and I worked together many moons ago at Nexen Inc.  I always enjoyed my interactions with this this smiley face, and I believe that we first met eyeball to eyeball when I installed her company blackberry.  haha!  Yep! I use to install blackberries at Nexen.  

Since we worked togethershe founded Stretch Creations and started a number of projects, including essential oil diffuser bracelet and necklaces.  Funny enough, I have been in the market for something like this, because I love using more natural forms of wellness and healing, especially when it comes to day to day ailments.  I do personally have a collection of crystals, a 20 inch amethyst statue, agate and petrified wood structures and four salt lamps for good measure (yeah.... I'm a little woo woo) so this line was right up my alley.

My challenge, as Jennifer can attest to, was picking which pieces to bring into my collection.  We hung out at Famoso Pizza on the weekend with her racks of bracelets while I toiled over designs.  A few jumped out at me, so I pulled the trigger and that leads us to today!

Stretch Creation New Product Offerings

The short story, is that Jennifer created a pink and black one exclusively for BeautyGram, which is very exciting to me and humbling.  Also, she created a chakra bracelet that resonated with me as a reiki master, so I am working with a few other suppliers in that space to bring you an exciting new BeautyGram for those who are a little woo woo like me, so stay tuned.  And last but not least, a solid black one with a tasteful embellishment, that will assist people picking a product for their color adverse friends.  I have two BFFs that sport a solid wardrobe of black and charcoal grey, so I am aware that not everyone wants a splash of color, so hopefully that piece will accommodate those folks.  I also chose two oil diffuser necklaces, in silver tones and gold tones.

What I truly love about Jenn's jewelry is that her business model fits in with many of my checkboxes when considering new BeautyGram partners:

First one, is that her products are made in Canada.  Her essential oils are from All Things Jill / The Apothecary in Inglewood, which is already a valued partner of BeautyGram.  Further, all of her beads are purchased and assembled in Calgary, and the hardware she purchases to create her jewelry is also purchased between two suppliers, one in Calgary and the other in Toronto.  This is a Canadian product and she is supporting Canadian businesses in buying her supplies locally.  We love that!

Further, the Apothecary also carries their jewelry, so if you are looking for a wider selection than what I currently carry, you can walk into their storefront in Inglewood in Calgary to pick them up.  I do not believe they have them online.  

If you are looking to purchase them online without a BeautyGram gift, don't hesitate to go directly to Stretch Creation and follow their page.  Click the shop button.  I dare you!

Thank you Jennifer for an easy, breezy partnership and I look forward to moving mountains with you, and moving oil diffuser jewelry for you through the gifts of my value customers. <3 

Bold Apps
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