Partner highlight: TeaLife

by Carrie Paxson January 29, 2017

Partner highlight:  TeaLife

I met Meghan Cosenzo from Tealife at the the MySociety ~ WOMEN at the center of CHANGE event that took place in 2016 March.  She is a Calgary Tea Business that makes such delicious and unique combination of loose teas.  Not only is she a local entrepreneur, the majority of her teas are organic.

It took us between March and the fall to really get rolling with our partnership.  Between both of us being busy ladies, we needed to pick the products that were going into the BeautyGrams, and then also there was a graphic design component that took a bit of time, in order to design the labels, which are, what I think, a delicious combination of TeaLife and BeautyGram labels.  I also went with a greyscale, so that the packaging for us will work in any package, whether it is our signature pink boxes, or more recent additions of the black, red and kraft.


We finally got this out the door just in time for the holidays, and the teas have been extremely well received primarily in the custom packages, which is the bulk of our business.  Many clients have been enjoying the 12 flavors that BeautyGram currently carries, through the whimsy of our pretty gift cubes. 


So why TeaLife?






Well, this high quality product checks plenty of our checkboxes when we are considering onboarding new partners.  TeaLife is high quality and DELICIOUS, and Meghan is AWESOME - she is truly a sweet lady with strong purpose, who is building her dream of connecting people through tea.  I encourage you to read her story on her About page. If you have received this delicious tea in your BeautyGram and would like to purchase it in MUCH larger quantities, I encourage you to shop and link up to her social media feeds, as she is often running specials on certain categories of teas. 

TeaLife endorsement, partnership with BeautyGramWant to hear something exciting?  TeaLife was recently ENDORSED! Dr. Rabia K. Meghji, Naturopathic Medical Director at Docere Wellness Clinic has plenty to say about TeaLife.  Check out the blog post here, endorsing TeaLife.  She says plenty, but the key message is: I would highly recommend TeaLife when it comes to loose leaf teas and your health.









Carrie Paxson
Carrie Paxson


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