PARTNER HIGHLIGHT: Three Lollies with Queasy Pops and Preggie Pops

by Carrie Paxson March 30, 2017

PARTNER HIGHLIGHT:  Three Lollies with Queasy Pops and Preggie Pops

On New Year's Eve, Jaeger (my dog) and I went to Windermere, BC to visit my dear friend Ally Lane.  She has been a buddy, an inspiration, and also we have done a few "gigs" together that were a lot of fun. Namely, two variety show galas for the Liver Foundation called Liver Up.  We have attended seminars, brainstormed, were in a mastermind together.  She is obviously someone I care about and truly, truly trust.

Allison Lane Estay comedian actress motivational speaker on cancer survivorsAllison became a bit of a celebrity when she underwent chemotherapy for Breast Cancer in her 30s in 2008.  That is kinda what happens when you are amazing like Allison, and also, she is an actress and comedian.  So she decided to laugh her way through her chemotherapy journey by documenting it on youtube, with a comedic, and also a heartfelt spin.

Fast forward to today, she has a career msotivational speaking, and she continues acting and dabbling in the many things she enjoys as a serial entrepreneur.  It is always an honor to get together with her and to enjoy her friendship, company and her creative mind.  And when you get two capricorns together, we certainly enjoy talking shop.

Long and short of it, the conversation turned, and she mentioned when she was going through chemotherapy, that someone in her network gave her a gift basket that included Preggie Pops in them.  She certainly was not pregnant, but it is an all-natural anti-nausea solution that was effective in curbing her nausea during chemo therapy.

I did some digging, and learned that the company who creates this product is in the united states, and they do have distribution in Canada for Preggie Pops.  They also have a branded product called Queasy Pops, which has the right targeting for everything else.  

I contacted this business, and they were willing to sell to me wholesale.  Since people send my gift baskets to new moms, and to comfort their loved ones when they are ill, I thought this highly endorsed product needed to be available for selection in the custom BeautyGrams for those who are interested in them and certainly I will look at building them into some grab and go baskets as well.

I am not going to lie, this product was pricier than I hoped. I purchase them in USD, had them shipped to Calgary then I got a nice big custom fee to pay as well.  But the good news, is they are available and they are here.  If you are interested in giving them a try, they can be purchased on the website, or simply contact me if you are local to Calgary.  The three lines BeautyGram is starting with is Preggie Pops, Queasy Pops and Queasy Drops.  If there is demand for this product, I will certainly bring in more flavors and variations.

Carrie Paxson
Carrie Paxson


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