Tomorrow is National Compliment Day

Tomorrow is National Compliment Day

Tomorrow is National Compliment Day, and the day serves as a reminder of the power of positive words. When you give someone a compliment, you express appreciation for something that’s unique about them or something they did. Compliments can create a more positive work culture, improve relationships, and make your organization more successful. 

Compliments at work are not just about making us feel good, but it’s also about company performance. Employees function better when their positive efforts are noticed and valued.

The truth is negative comments are much more prevalent in our world today, and they’re more powerful, too. Psychologists have found that it takes 10 positive comments to offset one negative comment. That means you’re going to need a lot of compliments in your workplace! 

Make it a priority today to give five compliments to the people around you: 


Take time out today to compliment each of your family members. Let your sister know she has great hair. Tell your brother he did a great job. Tell your cousins they are awesome. If you can’t see them in person, pull out your cell phone and text them or leave them a message on their Facebook profile.


Call or text your best friend and remind them why you love them. Leave a compliment on your friends’ Facebook profile picture.


They probably deserve compliments from you the most! Remind them that they are doing a great job.  They simplest compliment makes a huge difference.


This one may be a bit harder, but you never know what kind of day others are having. A simple “cool shirt” may turn someone’s day completely around. Compliment the clerk in the grocery store. The teenager pumping gas. The cute little old lady having lunch at your favorite restaurant.


Trust me, you need it. You’re fabulous, you’re special and you deserve your own compliments. Instead of critiquing yourself in the mirror, tell yourself that you’re hot (even if your hair is up in a messy bun and your eyeliner is fading).

Five easy ways to give a compliment:

1.  Send a Beautygram - log onto the website www.beautygram.com and have a special little box delivered to them. It’s nice to receive routine gifts, like the ones we get for birthdays, but even more special than those are the gifts we give out of the blue, simply because something reminded another person of you.

2.  Verbal Praise. Giving a compliment in person is a powerful way to make someone feel appreciated. Stop by your coworker’s desk and be specific with your compliment. You can even emphasize your appreciation with a high five, fist bump, or handshake. 

3. Send a text or social media post - just a quick post on their Facebook page, comment on a photo or a text on their phone

4.  Leave a note for them to find - Leave a note in your husbands car about how much you love him, or leave a note on your kids mirror to tell them how proud you are of them.  Little notes left in a place where you know they will be will put a smile on their faces.

5.  Do a simple task to help out - if you see something that needs to be done either around the house or around the workplace that usually you don't do, do the task and leave a note saying "Just wanted to thank you for always taking care of this, so today I did it for you!"

Try these out tomorrow and see how many people's faces you can put a smile on!



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