Win a FREE BeautyGram to your BFF for Galentine's Day

Win a FREE BeautyGram to your BFF for Galentine's Day

I have been blessed my entire life with amazing girlfriends.  My memory is full of friends I have known so long I don't remember meeting them, right up to recent connections where we got along like a house on fire from the moment we met. 

As the name would suggest, Galentine's Day is a day for women to celebrate their female friendships - rather than taking place instead of Valentine’s Day though, Galentine’s Day occurs the day before so that women with significant others can still have V-Day fun with their romantic partners should they so desire.

So let's honor them with a contest!!!!!

When you order a BeautyGram, you provide a message for the card, and I affix your personal message to your BeautyGram.  This card fits approximately 25 words.  Therefore, if you won a free BeautyGram for me to send on Galentine's Day to your bestie, what would it say?  Tell us, and you will be entered!

Want to enter?  Here's what you do.

1.  Write a message to your #BFF on the BeautyGram Facebook page.

2.  DON'T include the person's name.  JUST the message (the "who" is a secret...sshhhh)

3.  Hashtag #Galentinesday so I know its a contest entry (don't worry it won't be printed on the card).

What will happen

  • Tomorrow at 8 p.m. I will take all entries and do a draw on Facebook Live.
  • I will announce the winner, but will private message the winner to collect the name and address 

Conditions Apply

  • If you don't know her address, i can't send it.  Just sayin...
  • I need to mail it Friday so be ready to send me the address if you win
  • Your #BFF can be in Canada or the USA.

Example Entry 25 words or less:

Thank you so much for all your support

in the last six months while I was working

overtime.  Thought you could use some

pampering. #GalentinesDay


here's another:

Thanks for being my BFF! You are the 

funniest, zaniest, most loyal, hilarious

woman on the planet.  I heart you always!



Inspired?  Okay, now write your own on BeautyGram's Facebook page!  1... 2....3... Go!

Update: Congratulations to Julie for winning the Galentine's Day BeautyGram for her gal pal, and sister Jennifer.  The contents of the free BeautyGram are shown below:  

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