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Do you know someone under the weather?

Do you know someone under the weather? 0

While the winter months are notorious for illnesses and colds that seem never ending, we have all had friends or family members that have ended up under the weather at various times of the year. It’s difficult to hear that they aren’t feeling well, and helping our loved ones through an illness is something we all want to do. Here are a few ways to offer your help, support or just let them know that you are thinking about them.

Bring them food

No matter what you bring - soup, something for the freezer, or fresh fruit and veggies -  food is the language of love. If you aren’t able to drop off some food, you can always send them a gift card or arrange a meal delivery service. Chicken noodle soup, or a broth based soup, is great for those dealing with colds and stomach bugs.

Pick something specific to help with

When we say ‘please let me know how I can help’, we really do mean it, but often our offer isn’t taken up because for people who are aren’t feeling well, decision making can seem daunting and too much to handle. They just want to sleep and feel better. If your friend has a bad cough, drop off tea, honey and cough drops that may help. Or specifically ask them what they need rather than leaving it as an open ended question. “Would it be helpful if I picked up your mail for you?” or “Do you need someone to get the kids from school today?” Asking them a question that only involves a yes or no answer may be easier for them.

Send them a care package

The BeautyGram Under the Weather gift was designed to help loved ones near and far when they aren’t feeling well and you want to let them know you are thinking of them.  Send someone this BeautyGram to show them you want to help take care of them (even if you aren’t in the same city) and to help them recover. The Under the Weather BeautyGram includes 10 items to help with a speedy recovery, including anti-nausea lolly pops, tea, tissues, foot soak and more.

No matter how you decide to try to pamper and take care of your loved one when they are not feeling well, the thought won’t go unnoticed even if they can’t show it between sneezes and sniffles.

  • Carrie Paxson
Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day 0

Do you have plans for Valentine’s Day? It’s the perfect day to say ‘I love you’ and ‘you matter’ – to yourself, your friends and your significant other. If you are stumped for ideas on what to do this February 14th, we have some suggestions for you to try, no matter who you are spending the day with. 

To celebrate by yourself, embrace kindness:

You’ll make Valentine’s Day extra special for complete strangers and we think there is something especially sweet about that if you spend the day doing random acts of kindness. You’ll also feel great about spending the day doing something thoughtful. What are some ideas you can do?

  • Pay for the coffee of the person behind you in the coffee shop drive through
  • Volunteer for a couple of hours with a local organization
  • Shovel your neighbour’s driveway

To celebrate with friends, remind them what they mean to you

BeautyGram friendsOne of the things we love about our friends is that we can be ourselves whether we are dressing up to head to a fancy restaurant for dinner, or putting on our comfiest clothing from our closet to chill on the couch and watch Netflix.  Your friends are the people you turn to on good and bad days. To make the day extra special these important people, write notes about what makes them so special to you. Give the notes when you get together, text the messages throughout the day or include one with a BeautyGram.

To celebrate with your significant other,

If you haven’t made dinner reservations to your favourite restaurant, now is the time to call and hope it’s not too late.  Can’t get a table? Valentine’s Day with your significant other is the perfect time to explore somewhere new. To try something different, and special, with your partner; here’s how: Each of you can add a few ‘date night’ ideas into two jars – one for food and drink ideas, the other for activities. Then, draw one from each jar and plan to spend the night following the suggested activity.

We don’t need a special occasion to tell the people in our lives how much they mean to us, or to ensure we are filling our own hearts with actions that make us happy, but Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to be romantic, spontaneous and thoughtful. If you need the perfect gift for best gal pal, your spouse or yourself, send a BeautyGram. You can custom create the perfect gift and include a personalized note.

If you are in the Calgary area, BeautyGrams are being delivered on Valentine’ Day!   


  • Carrie Paxson
Passion for Profit Conference January 28 2018

Passion for Profit Conference January 28 2018 0

This weekend I had the pleasure of speaking on the panel at the Passion for Profits Conference that is put on by Blooming Ladies

Blooming Ladies is a community of business women, both experienced and aspiring.  The Passion for Profit Conference was an opportunity for women to share, collaborate, and learn from each other.

I had the honor of being one of the panelists and shared the stage with some amazing entrepreneurs.  We are all asked five questions about both our successes and challenges.  Since we are all in unrelated businesses with different levels of experience, the audience received a wide variety of answers across industries.  

The Blooming Ladies community was so friendly and open.  I have never had so many women come up to me after a talk to share their business, or ask questions about BeautyGram or ecommerce in general.  The engagement from these women was different than anywhere else I have had the pleasure to speak.  

Wunmi Akinlosotu, founder of Blooming Ladies and Passion to Profit is doing the Passion for Profit event all over again in Edmonton on February 10th.  I have another engagement or I would absolutely drive up there to take in the energy again.  Thank you Wumni for the honor of presenting on your stage, and for the opportunity to impact those that had questions about the wild world of Gift Baskets and eCommerce.

I also supported this event with a donation of 10 BeautyGrams for those who registered for the limited VIP seats.  They received a BeautyGram gift box valued at $50 as a part of their VIP package.  For those ladies who received them,I hope you enjoyed your products.

My biggest take away from the event was the insights, thoughts and gems of wisdom that were shared from the other five panelists.  I enjoyed getting to know these women and their businesses, and look forward to 

And also, thank you for sharing your photos, of which I will share a few with my community.  For those ladies who are aspiring or experienced entrepreneurs, I would encourage you to follow the Blooming Ladies Facebook Page, so you do not miss any future events.

  • Carrie Paxson
Goals for 2018 - a clean slate!

Goals for 2018 - a clean slate! 0

In 2015, I acquired BeautyGram at the start of one of the worst recessions I have seen in Alberta in my 28 years that I have been living here.  During that time, many of you stuck with me, new people have joined our online community and some have been quiet.

In 2016, I really was learning the business.  I was great at sending baskets, but I was finding my feet and my voice with the BeautyGram community, that was already established with the previous owner, Jennifer.  She is very much loved by this community, and by me. 

Early in 2016, I hired a friend of mine who has a sales and marketing background to go through my customer list, and make some calls to some of you who have not placed orders for quite some time and she gathered some valuable feedback for me.  The people that she was successful contacting, that were willing to chat with us summed up their reasons into a few high level buckets. And please know that I am paraphrasing feedback from a number of conversations.

1.  Color:  Some customers had a gift recipients that really loved our pink branding.  However, they felt limited in who they could send boxes to with the hot pink gift box.  Therefore, adding a few more colors gave our fans the ability to send boxes to people who wouldn't want a pink box, even though they may very much enjoy a BeautyGram.  

2.  Size vs. Value:  This was a rare comment, but it came up more than once.  The perception with some senders, is when they send a small box (vs a BIG basket), that the value isn't understood by the recipient.  Even though its not true based on the high quality local products we choose, it is a "perception" barrier with some customers when choosing us for certain gifts.

3. Check out Process:  The Build a Beauty app was innovative when it was created, but the standards of how we shop online have changed.  We need to look at improving or removing the app and offering customization in a different way that is easier for our customers.  Also, some people found the website confusing inside of the app, with no filtering or sorting options for the different individual products we carry. We need better ways to sort and filter different offers.

4.  More offerings:  The current selection we have doesn't always hit the mark, so more basket ideas for different occasions and demographics.

In 2016 and 2017, I worked on a lot of that feedback, starting with the colors of the boxes.  I also started introducing traditional gift baskets with custom orders (I also have some on the website now).  I onboarded some new suppliers to add more variety to some of the gift offerings.  I plan on continuing to do that.

Goal 1 - Website Development and branding tweaks:  I plan to tackle the website this year which is an undertaking that excites me and scares me at the same time.  Through 2017 I talked to a few developers and continue to have conversations to find the right solution.  A new website is very much underway, with the goal to have it done in 2018.   I am also looking at the branding.  I wish to drop Forget Flowers - Send a BeautyGram.

Goal 2 - Scalability:  We are looking at realistic ways we can scale BeautyGram across Canada in an effort to assist us with better predictability on when gifts will arrive across Canada, which right now is a challenge.  If a person needs a package on a certain date before 1 pm (for example), we cannot accommodate it unless it is in Calgary.  We can rely on Canada Post within a business day of arrival, but its not a perfect system.  We have a few ideas we are exploring, and can't promise that the solution will be implemented in 2018.  However, we are looking at our options to tighten up our delivery times, and feel expansion is the best way.  So that planning is starting, but again, may take more time.

Goal 3 - Collaboration:  We have some very exciting collaboration plans on some new product offerings coming up early in 2018.  No spoilers.  But this is very much in the works.

Goal 4 - Speaking and Ecommerce:  In 2017, I did quite a bit of public speaking on eCommerce and BeautyGram.  In 2018, I am seeking more opportunities to speak, teach and mentor people who have an interest in the eCommerce space.  Collaborations are in the works to launch in 2018.

I would love to hear from anyone who has feedback on what they would like to see from BeautyGram.  If we can't hear you, we can't grow.  Please connect with me if there is anything you would like to share.

  • Carrie Paxson