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Fashion Friday: Orange you glad... 4

The Pantone Colour of the Year is Tangerine Tango. Are you noticing orange (and variations of orange) showing up in fashion choices, creative pieces and interior design more and more I love a really great coral/orange jewellery or show, but am still hesitate in wearing much anywhere else.  But then I see really great dresses with an orange hue and think they look fantastic!  Maybe it's just a colour that not everyone can pull off? What do you think? Is orange a hit or a miss for you? Men's Jacket - Joe Fresh Tulip Dress - Joe Fresh

Wedding hair: Veils, combs and fascinators: What to choose? 0

When I got married I decided not to wear a veil.  At the time, it was a surprising decision for some.  Most people I knew wore a veil.  But for whatever reason, I didn't feel it was for me. I did, however, want something special for my hair.  I was having an updo and a special-something was needed to stand out.  I ended up with a custom made, small tiara.  It was modelled to look like leaves and grapes (we were married at a vineyard) and it was perfect. Since then (that was over 8 years ago!), I've noticed the trends for wedding hair bling are changing.  I definitely see different options beyond a traditional veil or tiara. Everything looks so beautiful! However, selecting the right head piece or accessory still comes down to personal choice and style. Here are some options: The Fascinator Perhaps it was the Royal Wedding so many of us watched last year that prompted the fasinator as being a stylish option, but just last week when I was at the hair dresser a bride had one ready to go in her hair.  This particular one had a mini veil attached.  It was stunning.  But not all fascinator options have to have the veil.  Feathers, jewels and beads seem to be popular options.

Source: shopruche.com via Casey on Pinterest

  The Headband My sister almost went with a headband and it was a really pretty option.  Some of them remind me of 1920's fashion.  They are simple and pretty.  I like this one with long, flowing hair. image source: TruLuCouture Etsy Shop The Comb This is such a versatile piece - it can be worn with an updo, a side sweep and many other hair styles, a comb is pretty and full of bling.
  Did you wear anything in your hair on your wedding day? What would you like to wear?

Products We Love: Wean Green Cubes 0

Wean Green is a Canadian company that produces environmentally friendly and safe baby products.  Their full line of glass containers range from baby food size to sandwich size which is perfect for lunch time. Why we love them? Canadian owned, Wean Green not only keeps the environment and our health in mind, but also they (like BeautyGram!) love pretty things.  Their products are sleek looking, come in a variety of sharp colours and sizes that grow with our children. The cubes I have in my house have been used for dip storage, picnics, schools snacks, and even my husband takes them in this work lunch (perfect for salad dressing!). You can find a Wean Green cube in our Baby BeautyGram package! ~Rebecca

Amazing Wedding Proposal: What do you think? 0

I'll admit, I completely teared up when I watched this wedding proposal.  Yes, my proposal was extremely special but there's no denying that this one has heart, creativity and will now live in infamy. Enjoy! ~Rebecca