Shipping and Refunds

Hello beautiful gift givers!
I wanted to share with you how we deliver our BeautyGram gift boxes, so that you are informed on how we deliver our service.  We are located in beautiful Calgary, Alberta and we have a warehouse in NE Calgary where we fulfill all orders.  Our offices are home based.  We are working on higher volumes of deliveries to get those rates down for everyone.
How we deliver our BeautyGrams 
Our gift baskets are delivered in person in the Calgary area.  Outside of Calgary, we use Canada Post and we offer expedited, XPressPost and Priority shipping based on your choice of service.  Our seven day free delivery service uses Expedited shipping. Canada Post tells us how many days between postal codes so that we can make an informed decision, but that service is not guaranteed by Canada Post, and is an estimate.  In our experience, Canada Post has a solid track record with us with those dates.  However, it is not a perfect system and we have had occasions were packages were delivered one day early or late.
To the United States, we use United States Postal Service via DYK Post in Calgary.  We can deliver packages anywhere in the US in 5 days so that is the best we can do with customs.
We also offer worldwide shipping but please contact us directly if you would like a gift sent overseas.  We have had lots of success (and a few challenges) so would like to discuss this with you, and these are quoted and charged by invoice based on your shipping location.
Refunds and Issues
Issues and Refunds are disappointing for all concerned and as a small business, our goal is to be reliable, viable and fair.  Customers deserve value for their purchase, and businesses also deserve to be paid fairly so that they can continue to operate.
If for any reason you feel that your purchase was not fair (ie: a product was damaged during shipping, or there was a packing error) please contact me directly and I will move mountains to rectify it.
One last check!
Before you complete your order, please make sure:
  • All your information is correct.
  • There will be someone at the address you provided to receive the gift OR Canada Post will leave a Notice of Delivery card for the BeautyGram to picked up at the nearest Postal Outlet.
  • You have provided all necessary information including apartment or condominium buzzer numbers, office building directions, office names, etc...  Be advised I have had mail returned to me to a business address, where the business itself wasn't listed.  Please make sure the address is complete.
  • Please note Canada Post does not ship to hospitals, but we will deliver to the hospital if they are local to Calgary.
  • Please include your phone number or text number on your order, so we can reach you during business hours in the event there is a question with your order.
  • Please choose the shipping service that coincides with your timeline

Early Delivery

Be advised that early delivery is possible.  Canada Post usually gives us a window of delivery within one day.  We err on the side of caution always.  If their delivery guarantee is 2-3 business days to your location, we ship within 3 days, knowing that it is possible that it may arrive in 2 days.

Weather Delays

Weather delays are rare, but they do happen.  If the location we are shipping to is subject to weather challenges, please take this into consideration.  I have had this happen more than once in the United States.  Rarely in Canada, but it has happened in remote locations in Canada that are subject to severe snowfall and access.  

Wrong Address

No refund or credit is available due to wrong addresses submitted to us, which resulted in someone else receiving your gift. Additional product and delivery charges will apply for resending your order. Should extra delivery charges be necessary for additional delivery attempts, it will be necessary to charge you for these fees.
Hotel / Motel Addresses
No Refund or credit available if the recipient has checked out or not available. We strongly recommend not to send a delivery to a guest at this type of address.
What do we guarantee?
  • Your BeautyGram will be packed with love and care for your recipient.  We understand the importance of our unboxing experience and that this is a gift to your cherished client, employee, friend or family
  • Your BeautyGram will be mailed on time within the guidelines set out by our partners, Canada Post, DYK Post and USPS.  Know that we will NEVER fail you in getting your package to our according to their guidelines for on-time delivery.
  • Calgary and area packages are delivered by us, so you can expect your package to be delivered to our partners on time.

What will BeautyGram do?

No refunds will be offered for packages delivered within two days of your requested delivery date for free 7 day delivery in Canada, or $5 shipping in USA.  Canada Post does not provide a guarantee on expedited package delivery, which makes it tough for us to provide a guarantee.  They do provide a guarantee on Xpresspost (2 - 3 day) and Priority (next day) shipping, so I will tell you more about what I can do for those services in the next paragraph.  

Refunds will be provided on shipping only for any upgraded shipping services that do not arrive on time, within the guaranteed window provided by Canada Post (which in some cases is 2 - 3 days, so they even only guarantee within one day) provided that the order is received by us prior to 10 am.  If we are unable to get the delivery to Canada Post before noon, then we potentially lose a day of service.  Be advised that next day shipping means next business day shipping. 

Example:  an order placed at 2 p.m. on Friday for next day shipping will have missed the noon pickup. Therefore, next business day is Monday, which means a Tuesday arrival

Product Substitutes

We purchase our stock from local suppliers in small quantities to ensure that the quality is always fresh and that our costs are managed.  Many of our suppliers are local to Calgary, which gives us the flexibility to pick up fresh stock same day on larger orders. At times, a large order will come in that will deplete our stock and will require a substitute of a product of equal or greater value than the one requested, especially on edibles such as chocolates.  our chocolate is fresh and custom from Froggers chocolate, so they cannot turn around quickly a batch of chocolates.  Therefore, there is the possibility that we may need to substitute a $3 chocolate bar with a $5 box of chocolate covered caramels (as an example).  We strive to hold the stock to provide the exact products, but reserve the right to substitute products to your financial benefit, never to your detriment.

Our Promise

We will abide diligently by the rules of our partners to be in service to you.  We are actively seeking additional partners for delivery within the budgets of our customers.