The Beauty Team

Carrie Paxson, CEO

Carrie purchased the assets of BeautyGram from Jennifer Ruparell on October 21, 2015.  She is new to the beauty business, but no stranger to BeautyGram.  As a loyal customer of BeautyGram since 2012, she has been in love with this concept for giving, both personally and at a corporate level.  She is also passionate about Ecommerce and technology and is also the founder of Carries favorite beauty products are Aveda hair products and also Aveda personal blends instead of perfume.  She is a cosmetic collector and junkie, but most of the products she uses daily are from Mac and Nars. Skin care routine is Arbonne and Jennifer Joan Face Oils. On the weekends, she is au natural (no hair products or makeup) so don't be afraid if you pop into the warehouse and see her with a ponytail and no makeup.  Unless plans warrants more diligence, she gives it all a break. It feels good to let everything breathe and to just slap on a headband and give the routine a rest.  In the photo she is with her husband Holger.  He has no stake in BeautyGram but he is without a doubt is a big cheerleader for our team.

Carol Richardson, Role Mama

Carol is Carrie's mother and hero. She retired in Northern Ireland and comes to Calgary twice a year to help at peak times with both BeautyGram and Carrie's Closet.  She has many gifts, with some of them being creating systems and better ways of doing things.  She can spot a hairline crack in a process a mile away and tighten things up.  Likely it is a part of her character, but she also has lots of practice from being a Manager at Scotiabank when she was working. She is my biggest cheerleader and I am hers. Like myself, she is bonafide animal crazy and has a heart full of love and empathy for all critters big and small.  Her beauty advice to me always, was to always use moisturizer on your face.  Always.  As you can see, even in her sixties, she looks young and vibrant.  Don't worry mama - moisturizer EVERY day.  I promise!  She does not wear many cosmetics (lipstick only) but she loves miniature packaging, and you can always find her with a small tube of hand cream, face cream or other small sundries in her purse.   

Maegan Hawkes, Photographer 

Maegan HawkesMaegan has been Carrie's photographer of choice since 2013.  Her eye for detail has added life and personality to the website.  Thanks to Maegan, we don't have a website full of boring "stock photos".  Maegan also helps us with fulfillment and inventory management on contract when she has time and we need an extra set of hands. In addition to being a photographer extraordinaire, she is also a half owner of Sundrops Studios in Calgary, the home of Calgary's best spray tan.  Like Carrie and Mama, Maegan is another animal lover.  In addition to her kitty Emma, she is also a supporter of rescue dogs from Mexico. As an added bonus, she has an amazing sense of humor.