What's a BeautyGram gift basket you ask?

Simply put, BeautyGram is a company that specializes in a mindful gift experience that is easy, hassle free and accommodates all budgets.

BeautyGram started out as a gift box that was focused on baby baskets and new mom gifts, and then continued to morph and grow into a company that delivered beautiful pink boxes full of high quality gifts that were (and still are) a great alternative to sending the conventional flowers, fruits and other gift baskets.

As we continue to evolve and change, all of the above is still very true. In addition to that, we have introduced new luxe black and cranberry red boxes that have been taking the corporate world by storm.  We have also introduced a line of mens gift baskets as well.

We are not trying to be everything to anybody.  Really, BeautyGram is a brand, regardless of whether it is being sent to a man or woman, or whether it is adopted as thank you gifts for your gala, or client appreciation gifts for your business.  What are brand represents, is a high quality touch, at an affordable price and a hassle free attitude.

We focus on products that are Canadian (there are exceptions, but very few!), that have strong social messages.  Our customers care about their own brand and customers and they stand behind their products just like we do.  Every package you send is likely supporting four or five small businesses - including this one.  And each box is packed with care and respect.  

A BeautyGram gift box is a perfect, hassle-free mindful, personalized gift for all occasions and reasons.  Sending a BeautyGram is a thoughtful way to recognize your favorite people and clients because they deserve it.

BeautyGram car