Three Pack of Chocolate Bars

Product Description

This delicious chocolate comes in a pretty pink box and contains the following flavors of chocolate:

- White Chocolate coconut

- Milk Chocolate with Skor bits

- Dark Chocolate Cheerio (gluten free, with some fun texture)

Because of the size of this box, it can only be added to a PINK Beautygram. The red, black and kraft boxes are too small for this BIG boxa choca!

WARNING  Do not send food items to anyone who you suspect has nut allergies, or any other allergies or health issues that would cause a concern with these products.


General Contents of all froggers chocolates on this website: milk, dark, and white chocolate, jube jubes, sesame snaps, marshmallows, sponge toffee (sugar, corn syrup, baking soda, vanilla), vanilla caramels, licorice, licorice nibs, skor bits (contains nuts), coconut, oreos

WARNING: may have been in contact with NUTS or contain trace NUTS.


$9.00 CAD