Send 4 BeautyGrams Gift Baskets (subscribe for one year)

Product Description

Never forget a special occasion again!  We've got you covered!

Choose four important dates and we will send out BeautyGram gift baskets for you.  

What are the dates?  Well, its up to you.  here are some suggestions:

Valentine's Day ~ Your Anniversary ~ Christmas ~ Her Birthday ~ Easter Baskets ~ Halloween ~ Just because

    These gift basket subscriptions help you budget your gift over a year, and also ensure that these gifts are planned in advance and scheduled for your loved one.  

    Who buys an annual subscription?  A few examples are:

    - A busy husband or boyfriend who works long hours, or out of town

    - A parent or grandparent with a loved one away at university

    - a bestie who wants to buy her BFF a subscription instead of a sweater. This works great for besties who live in different cities, because shipping IS included across Canada in this subscription.  

    What do you get!

    - Four BeautyGrams over a year

    - Value is a minimum of $50, plus shipping ($12) anywhere in Canada.  Total is $248.00.  If you divide it by 12 months, you will have 12 monthly payments of $20.66 per month plus GST.  These important dates willl not sneak up on you again.  Don't worry.... we've got this...

    HEADS UP:  You will receive an automatic confirmation from the software that your gift baskets will go out every three months, but in truth, they will go out on your scheduled date.  The software cannot pre-select custom dates.  But we can schedule your dates and will deliver them for you anywhere in North America.

    DISCLAIMER!  All gifts are sent Canada Post Expedited.  During peak times such as Christmas, these packages will be sent out early to ensure that they arrive mid December, versus Christmas Day when there is no mail delivery.  Be advised that every effort is made to ship according to Canada Post's guaranteed arrival times, but there is always a chance your gift will not arrive on the scheduled date around the holiday season, unless you are in Calgary and it can be delivered by us.  


    $248.00 CAD

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