Bath Bliss by Barefoot Venus

Product Description

Drift away this season with the all natural, paraben free bath soak. creamy mango butter melts into a sinfully scented bath, leaving your skin totally irresistible. Being naked has never felt so good!

Add this high quality bath bliss with stunning packaging into your BeautyGram to pamper her.

Ruby RedCitrus sunlight bursting with Sicilian orange and ruby red grapefruits.

Mustard BathRun a hot bath, add the mustard bath, inhale and relax. Let the therapeutic properties of mustard go to work pulling toxins from your skin, while the spirit of wintergreen, eucalyptus & rosemary surround you in a curative cape, leaving you feeling top-notch.

Hunny Mango: A tropical escape for the summer dreamer. Island ripened mango drizzled
with bee blossom honey.

Wild Flower: A lei of blossoming plumeria dappled with dew drenched notes
of wild orchid. Not a cloud in sight.

Coconut Kiss: Island coconut kissed with a bright, tropical smile for the truest sunny escape.

Ginger Snap: Well, it smells like ginger snap cookies. 

Maple Blonde: Smells like heaven. Heaven if it was made out of maple trees and maple rivers. 


$6.00 CAD