Legendary Lashes Fiber Mascara

Product Description
What makes our 3D fiber mascara so Legendary?
The mascara is designed to give you a bold and dramatic look instantly for evenings or special occasions, 
but is light enough to be used for a day look. One product equals all your needs: Natural/ Daytime, Butterfly, 
Ultra Long, Thick & Luscious and Dramatic.

3 Easy Steps
Step 1: Apply base coat of black mascara gel from root to top of eye lashes.

Step 2: Immediately begin applying the lash fibers to the lashes on top of the base coat while gel is drying. You will want to lightly draw the fiber wand upwards to deposit the fibers up and along your lashes. You can add more fibers to the tips of the lashes to extend the length.

Step 3: Once the fibers are in place, apply second coat of black mascara gel to lock the fibers in place. Repeat up to 3 times to achieve your perfect look!
$30.00 CAD