Momma After Birthy Package

Product Description

Your bestie is having a baby and you couldn't be happier.  She is on an amazing journey and is going to need some supplies along the way.  This package is all about mama.

This gift can be sent with either a blue box or a pink box.

  • Diva Survival Kit with 17 essentials, which is perfect for the diaper bag or car.
  • One sweet, because most of us love a treat
  • One Herbal Tea to help her relax
  • Skin Tight Belly Butter, 15 g 
  • Skin Tight Stretch Mark Oil, 10 ml 
  • Mother Nurture Nipple Butter, 28 g 
  • Bath Soak

If you would like to see more detailed information on the components and ingredients in this package, please click here.

Ideal gifting for:

New Moms

$69.95 CAD

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