Organic Cotton Sherpa Baby Washcloth

Product Description
These amazingly thick and thirsty organic unbleached cotton Sherpa wipes are a true multi-purpose cloth. Their softness and absorbency will add a touch of luxury to every use! 
Reasons to use Cotton Sherpa Wipes
  • Super-absorbent organic cotton sherpa is effective without being too bulky 
  • Textured yet soft to easily remove the messiest messes with just one wipe! 
  • 8" x 8" size - when folded in half it fits perfectly into your wipes case or change purse for on-the-go cleanups
  • Perfectly sized for bath time
  • Every member of the family will love these wipes! 
  • Made in Canada 
These wipes are so much softer and much more absorbent than cotton terry, they really are perfect for every member of the family!
$3.00 CAD