Outdoor Gift Box

Product Description

We all know that person who cannot get enough of the outdoors.  They ski and snowshoe in the winter, and hikes, camp and trek in rain or shine in the spring, summer and fall.  They probably are enrolled in at least two programs for sports or yoga.  If they have to shop, it is usually for sports gear or trek gear. And my guess is that they commute to work is on a bike, not on the bus.

For this health and outdoor enthusiast, we have a special gift box, that is filled with things that will easily fit in a back pack or travel bag.  Its a practical gift, but still full of delights, just like they are. 

This is a premium package that includes the following items:

  • Herbal Tea
  • Natural Lip Balm
  • Seasonal Sweet
  • Ouch Balm Healing Salve
  • Campin' Candle
  • Outdoor Joose
  • After Sunny Spray
  • Merino Wool Buff

To learn more about what is in this package, please check out our blog post that outlines all items in this premium gift box.

Ideal gifting for: birthdays, extended travel gifts, holiday giving


$100.00 CAD

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