Sage Cotton Infinity BUFF Headgear

NEW STYLE FALL/WINTER 2014/15: Infinity Cotton Jaquard BUFF® TINAN, a deep blue with light blue dotted pattern make this a great design to go with all outfits.

The Infinity Cotton Jaquard BUFF® is made of Jaquard fabric which gives the Infinity BUFF® natural elasticity and a textural surface. The diameter of 58 cm is perfect for two loops around the neck.

  • Cotton Jaquard
  • Diameter of 58 cm
  • Handwash
  • Do not iron
  • Do not tumble dry

If warmth and style are your primary concern, then check out our selection of styles and colors of Infinity Buff headgear in both solid colors and patterns in my Ebay store!

  • Lightweight cotton is soft next to skin
  • Infinity scarf has no loose ends, creating a loop that can be doubled over for a layered look


Type: buff