Jet Setter Pamper Package

The Jet Setter Pamper Package is inspired by my mom and I travelling every six months between Ireland and Canada to see each other.  Whether I go to Ireland, or she comes to Canada a road trip (or air trip) is always on our list of things to do.  Most of my personal travel has been with my mom.  The only benefit of living so far apart, is that we always plan an exciting destination when we are together.

This premium pamper package is perfect for the woman in your life who is on the go, whether she is a business traveller, or stricken with wanderlust.  This is also a premium package for destination weddings and honeymoon packages for women.  

When we travel there are some essentials that are nice to have close by:

For the bath:  we love to relax when on the road.  Give a bath bliss and a honeybush caramel tea after her long flight

For her feet:  when a touch up is needed, make sure she has a nail color packed and a pumice stone for routine maintenance. I know when I travel, I tend to have more time for these acts of self care

For her hotel room:  It is nice to have a premium product on hand.  The Barefoot Venus duo has a lotion and a creamy cleanser, to ensure that she is using something all natural and high quality when travelling, instead of the hotel samples.

For her bag:  Our diva kit has 17 essentials that we often need in a pinch.  We don't have access to everything we need when we aren't at home. Also, a new lipstick and a hand repair for her purse are welcome conveniences when you don't have everything with you.

Ideal gifting for: Birthday, Congratulations, Good Luck, Just Because, Thank-You, Honeymoon, destination weddings, gifts for business travellers, vacation travel

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